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How do employees do math?

By Marc Resnick Infants don’t really know how to count. They know the difference between 1 and 2.  But, after about 3 everything is just “a lot”.  If you show them 9 ducks or 10 ducks, they can’t tell the difference.  The only way they know the difference is order of magnitude.  They can tell … Continue reading

Flashbulb memories

By Marc Resnick First thing first – what is a flashbulb memory?  It is one of those events that gets seared into your brain.  Where were you when the Space Shuttle exploded?  On 9/11 when the Towers fell?  When Kennedy was shot? We seem to remember these events vividly, like a photograph. Second, what is … Continue reading


By Marc Resnick There are some findings I have recently been reading about that show our brains protect us by processing negative events either worse than they really are or not as bad as they really are, depending on the situation. In a study that looked at tasks like listening to an annoying noise or … Continue reading

Instinct Blindness

By Marc Resnick I was reading Incognito by David Eagleman and he used the term “instinct blindness” to refer to the lack of attention and resulting lack of memory traces from tasks that have become automatic (or that started out that way – hence the term instinct).  I have used the similar term “inattention blindness” … Continue reading

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