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The Hidden Pitfalls of the Software Subscription Model

The software subscription model has started to take over the traditional purchase and own model. Companies tout the benefits of only paying for the service when they need it and easily upgraded. What are the hidden pitfalls of the subscription model for users? 1. Subscription services tend to start low. After the users have been … Continue reading

Why Is It So Hard to Get an Account?

The consequences of an unauthorized person gaining access and seeing unauthorized data is greater than going slow verifying someone’s identity. Therefore, the bias is in favor of caution and time. When an IT system is integrated with tools like Simplified Sign-on, access to one system may affect others as well. Then the user must meet … Continue reading

Teaching to the Test, or Validating the Application?

When it comes to standardized testing, there are a number of allegations about the results. Are teachers “teaching to the test”, or does the test validate the teacher’s performance? Similar issues arise when it comes to software test scripts. • Are test steps following the order of operations users would follow, or is it the … Continue reading

The Unguarded Entrance

In the summer of 2012, the London Guardian revealed that the Actel ProASIC chip used in everything from Boeing 787 flight control systems to military systems to medical devices had an undisclosed back door. This reminds me of how many action and sci-fi movies rely on an insider with knowledge of a secret entrance to … Continue reading

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