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The Costs of Scope Creep

Scope creep is defined as the gradual creep in scope of a project. Scope creep can be a natural evolution or progression. For example, the March of Dimes moved from a cure for polio after polio vaccine to a general prevention of birth defects. Scope creep helped them maintain their relevance after their old goal … Continue reading

The Future of Improvement in IT

There are many horror stories about the future of IT. As a published science fiction and horror writer, I’ve even written a few of those stories. But for the real world, where do I see the future of improvement in IT? * Standardizing the standards The proliferation of standards will slow, simply because too much … Continue reading

Black Swan Events in IT

By Tamara Wilhite An IE in IT Black Swan events are very rare events and surprising events that have drastic effects, changing the course of an organization. Yet black swan events are also potentially reasonable to hypothesize. For example, white swans were known and thus ones of a different color (i.e. black) could exist. What … Continue reading

Ergonomics and processes

By Camille Major, MS, MBA, CPE Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank and Ernestine Gilbreth Jr. is a well-loved story about the Gilbreth family and their 12 children. We all know the story of how the Gilbreths examined their lives to find ways to improve their activities to flow more efficiently and save time. This is the foundation of … Continue reading

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