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What eBay and Amazon Selling Taught Me about IT Design

The internet has radically altered how we shop. My father was amazed when I told him I found replacement parts for several appliances in a house we were fixing up for rent and/or sale. I found the replacement part for the dishwasher on eBay and pool pump part on Amazon.com. “I thought Amazon only sold … Continue reading

Knowledge Management and the Internet

Every manager has a blog, every leader has a Twitter account or online profile with constant updates. Yet the information that is the lifeblood of the business, from quality circles to technical lessons learned, rarely make it to the front page of the internet or corporate intranet. How can your company use the internet or … Continue reading

What We Can Learn from the Obamacare Website Roll Out

IT project managers can learn a lot from the failed Obamacare website roll out. Let’s look at the primary lessons those in information technology can draw from it. More is not better. The federal health insurance exchange website and its interfaces contain an estimated 500 million lines of code. There is a law that states … Continue reading

Reducing the Resistance to Implementing Lean IT

How do you reduce resistance to Lean IT projects and proposals? 1. Promise that there will not be layoffs. Lean IT projects often generate resistance from those afraid to lose their jobs. If you are outsourcing, ensure that those affected are first in line at the outsourcer or moved to other positions within the company. … Continue reading

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