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The Costs of Scope Creep

Scope creep is defined as the gradual creep in scope of a project. Scope creep can be a natural evolution or progression. For example, the March of Dimes moved from a cure for polio after polio vaccine to a general prevention of birth defects. Scope creep helped them maintain their relevance after their old goal … Continue reading

A mirror image?

By Eileen L. Berman, Ed.D. The current Red Sox collapse is a remarkable example of management gone awry. As a result, Terry Francona, manager of the Boston Red Sox, resigned. He was reputedly one of the best managers in baseball given his record of wins during an eight year period. Listening to what he had to say … Continue reading

The Cheating Culture

By Marc Resnick There are four factors that affect how likely someone is to obey or break a rule, according to a book by David Callahan called “The Cheating Culture.”  It came out in 2004, but these things are even more true today. Risk/reward:  If the perceived reward is greater than the perceived risk of … Continue reading

Reducing Waste in IT Service Oriented Environments

By Tamara Wilhite Make exception processes clearly accessible to the user. Requests for exceptions to project set up requests, changes to access control limits and odd user errors require review by qualified personnel. However, it saves everyone time if users do not contact administrator after administrator in search of the right assistance. Place links to … Continue reading

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