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carefulness at work

By Marc Resnick I recently read an article with an interesting finding on the different influences of coworkers and supervisors on employee behavior when it comes to things like safety (and probably other metrics like quality, et al).  It turns out that how careful you are is determined by how careful your co-workers are, but … Continue reading

Superbowl betting on the coin flip

By Marc Resnick There are two competing decision making biases/heuristics that are pretty common.  If you flip a coin five times and it comes up heads every time (which even a fair coin will do once in a while), there are some people that will estimate the chance of another head as higher than 50% … Continue reading

Motivation and Incentives

Marc Resnick I have blogged many times about how to motivate employees and what kinds of incentives work in different situations.  In past blogs, I have warned that financial incentives can be counterproductive when creativity is needed  because people tend to get conservative in order to hang on to any financial incentives they have already … Continue reading

Financial Incentives are no Fun!!

By Marc Resnick There was a great story on the Moth radio hour last night that illustrates why we shouldn’t use financial incentives to motivate creative or enjoyable activities.  They only work (long term) on tasks that are done best through brute force and rote effort. What made this story exceptional is that it was … Continue reading

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