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The courage factor … Part 2

By Eileen L. Berman, Ed.D. I received e-mail recently from one of my readers with regard to my February 2011 blog, “The Courage Factor.” This reader – let’s call her Mary – has a supervisory job that entails making process changes on a continual basis in order to promote greater productivity. Mary is having difficulty … Continue reading

The Irrational Mind and IT Design

The field of neuroscience has shifted in the past few years from assuming that people are inherently logical to the realization that impulses, emotion and the “alligator in the basement” of our brains often make our decisions for us. Rationality can be used to make decisions, when we choose to remove emotion from the equation … Continue reading

By Marc Resnick Immigration is a sensitive subject and there are many dimensions to it.  But most people who understand enough of macroergonomics (including most IEs and engineering managers I know) agree that when really smart people come here, even if we give them valuable full time jobs, it is good for the country at … Continue reading

Anxiety and its impact … Part 2

By Eileen L. Berman, Ed.D. In my blog concerning anxiety, I talked about not letting anxiety determine your response. So what is a “good” response to a difficult confrontation? First, you have to assess what the problem appears to be. Work it out in your own mind. Delay your response for about 24 hours. This … Continue reading

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