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The Costs of Scope Creep

Scope creep is defined as the gradual creep in scope of a project. Scope creep can be a natural evolution or progression. For example, the March of Dimes moved from a cure for polio after polio vaccine to a general prevention of birth defects. Scope creep helped them maintain their relevance after their old goal … Continue reading

Balancing IT Budgets with Risk Management

Cost saving measures can create risk. However, IT cost saving measures can be mitigated with smart risk management strategies. * When switching software applications, make the change while the old application license and support agreement is still in effect. Making the change when the old application license expires makes a failed software implementation followed by … Continue reading

When to Throw Up the Stop Sign

Stop gap measures are short term actions taken to cross a gap, to lurch through a specific situation until normal or better conditions are reached. Stop gap measures are often done on the expectation of a near term return to the old normal. Yet there are risks and costs often forgotten in the rush to … Continue reading

EHRs: More cost effective than your iPhone

By Matthew Kopetsky In the 1-19-11 Time Magazine article, “Are Electronic Health Systems Cost Effective? Not So Much,” Alice Park provides a slew of reasons why not to jump on the Electronic Health Record (EHR) bandwagon. Park references 53 EHR reviews conducted by Dr. Aziz Sheikh at the University of Edinburgh which supposedly provide “little … Continue reading

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