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Putting ROI and Cost-Benefit Analysis in Perspective

The costs of IT projects are often less clear than Six Sigma projects in manufacturing. The savings figures provided by vendors tend to be overblown, while in-house staff will give the best ROI they can to get approval for a project. How should you address the problem of maintaining realistic proportion of ROI and cost-benefit … Continue reading

The Costs of Scope Creep

Scope creep is defined as the gradual creep in scope of a project. Scope creep can be a natural evolution or progression. For example, the March of Dimes moved from a cure for polio after polio vaccine to a general prevention of birth defects. Scope creep helped them maintain their relevance after their old goal … Continue reading

When to Throw Up the Stop Sign

Stop gap measures are short term actions taken to cross a gap, to lurch through a specific situation until normal or better conditions are reached. Stop gap measures are often done on the expectation of a near term return to the old normal. Yet there are risks and costs often forgotten in the rush to … Continue reading

IIE Is not ‘set it and forget it’

By Alex Bohn Application Analyst at William Beaumont Hospital; IIE Young Professional Chair, Great Lakes Region B.S., industrial engineering, Kettering University, 2009 What if I were to make you an offer, the terms of which are very simple: You make an initial investment, commit to one local 3 hour event or activity per month, and … Continue reading

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