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Flashbulb memories

By Marc Resnick First thing first – what is a flashbulb memory?  It is one of those events that gets seared into your brain.  Where were you when the Space Shuttle exploded?  On 9/11 when the Towers fell?  When Kennedy was shot? We seem to remember these events vividly, like a photograph. Second, what is … Continue reading

What is “reasonable” conduct?

By Marc Resnick If ever you wonder why my user name is resnickforensics, this post will give you an idea. As a frequent forensic expert, I am often called to testify regarding whether a consumer, employee, supervisor, or organization’s behavior is “reasonable.”  That is the basic legal standard.  If someone acts reasonably, they are not … Continue reading

Ergonomics and processes

By Camille Major, MS, MBA, CPE Cheaper by the Dozen by Frank and Ernestine Gilbreth Jr. is a well-loved story about the Gilbreth family and their 12 children. We all know the story of how the Gilbreths examined their lives to find ways to improve their activities to flow more efficiently and save time. This is the foundation of … Continue reading

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